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 Please read before adding builds

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PostSubject: Please read before adding builds   Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:48 am

When adding your own builds in this section, try to give a good explanation of how they work and where they work. You can also use a Topic Icon to represent the profession your build is. Be prepared for feedback.

It's helpful to use the gwBBcode to show what your skillbar looks like without having to load the template in the game. But the gwBBcode here is old, and I have no option of updating it. A problem with the gwbbcode is that you can't add a skillbar and a template in the same post, hence why I've listed mine as a skillbar, followed by a second post with the template codes that you can copy and paste into the game chat. The gwBBcode skill descriptions here are also out of date, but anyone who knows the skills well enough will understand what the skills do when they see it. To use the gwBBcode, do this...

[build prof][/build] - To turn on the gwBBcode, type this anywhere in your post.
[Empty] - To show a skill on its own. type the skill name in brackets, for example [Frenzy]

[build prof=D/Mo name="Your build name" scythe=12 mysticism=12][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][/build] - here is an empty build you can use as a template. Change the profession, name, attributes and skills as you need. Use only one word for each attribute, like 'beast' instead of 'beast mastery'.

If you want to list both the build and template codes in the same post, you could do something like this...

[build prof=D/Mo name="Your build name" scythe=12 mysticism=12][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][Empty][/build]
Skill template - OgCikysMAAAAAAAAAAAA
Equipment template - PkphQPZH+kqOp1I90Sp1IBLFp1IFXNp1IBrRp1I3DA

Hope all that helps!
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Please read before adding builds
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