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 GW1: PvP Fort Aspenwood Guide

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PostSubject: GW1: PvP Fort Aspenwood Guide   Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:18 am

Mechanics of the game
  • This is a 'Zerg rush' type of map. Luxons rush the base, while Kurzicks defend. The match is determined by the survival or defeat of Gunther.
  • Each side consists of 8 random players.
  • Defeating NPC's will capture their shrine or open their gate.
  • Contrary to popular belief, this map is sided in favor of Luxons.
  • Resurrection timer is only 6 seconds.

Kurzick Strategy
The objective for Kurzicks is to keep Gunther alive.
  • Monks are critical here. Choose a gate NPC, and keep him alive for as long as you can. This prevents the Luxons from progressing forward. The Turtles will make this difficult, so be prepared for their seige. Time your heals immediately after a seige, to prevent the NPC from dying. Make sure the NPC is healed fully immediately before the seige.
  • Kill Turtles as early as you can, but leave the Warrior NPC's alive. The Turtles don't respawn until all the Warrior NPC's are dead.
  • Don't run Amber unless you're close enough. You're better off defending gates than taking many times longer to repair them. A good way to run Amber is to push the Luxons back, bomb the mines and run an amber after capturing it.
  • If you can cap all the Luxon shrines quickly, do it. This will prevent them from sending turtles out, and push them back a long way every time they respawn. But don't get left outside while they are inside your base killing Gunther. Get back in and help as soon as you're needed, and bring an amber back with you if you can.
  • Watch for bomber builds designed to bulldoze gates. These are your biggest threat. Do what you can to prevent them from bombing a gate.
  • When you die, use the teleporter to get back outside quickly. If you die while defending Gunther, just run down the hill, you're right next to him. If you're a monk, be especially quick to run back to heal Gunther and his Gatekeepers when you respawn.

Common problems and misconceptions.
  • Don't kill all the Luxon Warriors. Leaving at least one of them alive will prevent their Turtles from respawning.
  • Your job is to defend Gunther, not run around outside killing players for ego kills. If you're needed inside, get back in asap.

Luxon Strategy
The objective for Luxons is to kill Gunther.
  • To reach Gunther, you need to break down the gates by killing the NPC's that guard them.
  • You respawn at the closest shrine, which is usually the mines. If there are no mines captured, you will respawn further back. If that happens, recapture a mine on the way through. Don't run back to capture it, it's faster to rush the gates and die trying, respawn, then recapture it on the way back. Always push forward.
  • Speak to the commanders to deploy Turtles to help push the gates open. Don't wait for the turtles, they are deliberately slow so that you lose if you wait for them. They're also very easy for Kurzick players to stall. You need to push ahead and open the gates yourself. The Turtles are there to help you push forward, not to do it for you.
  • Don't use defensive builds. Death means very little here, you only need to survive long enough to clear a gate. Luxons need to be on the offensive.
  • Don't run anti-player/utility builds. If you can spare a useful utility in your build, fine. But don't go overboard. Useful utility skills are  to prevent Kurzick Monks from tanking a gate NPC, and  to use on gate bulldozers to give them a second chance with extra damage.
  • Don't rely on Martial weapons (Axe, Sword, Hammer, Bow, Spear, Scythe, Daggers). If you're a Martial class, use a build that allows you to bomb a gate without relying on your weapon. Some examples of this is to run Elementalist on your secondary profession, for skills like , or Ritualist for spells like , or even Monk spells like . Martial professions can use skills like  to bypass the anti-melee hexes from the NPC's and Kurzick players.

Common problems and misconceptions.
  • The Luxon side is often plagued with idiots who ignore the game objectives and run around aimlessly chasing players around for ego kills. This achieves absolutely nothing and makes them a dead weight to the team. Sometimes a player doesn't know any better (which is understandable), but most of the time they do know better. Casual players who like to role play being 'leet' do this frequently. Some of them have been playing for years and still don't learn the bare basics. Because of this, less than half of the team in a typical match contributes to a win. Attacking players is a complete waste of time here. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If you're out attacking a Kurzick Monk while your teammates are trying to bomb a gate, you're only helping the kurzicks win. Attacking Monks is worse than being afk. If you kill one, he respawns a few seconds later, and he's right back where you killed him via the teleporter. This is especially true when you're fighting at Gunther. Killing players does not make them go away. All you're doing is giving them full energy again.
  • Full healers are a bad idea here. Some players like to stay with a turtle and keep it alive, but that doesn't work. You're needed up front with the players who are bulldozing the gates. A monk can still use  and heal at the same time. Death means little here, what you need is bulldozer damage.
  • You don't need all the shrines on the outside. You only need one or two mines. Don't waste your time on the outside, you need to be inside rushing the gates. If you can quickly retake a turtle shrine, go for it, but don't take long. Get back inside as soon as possible and push your way to Gunther.

Critical Kurzick allies
Critical Luxon allies
Gunther mob
Turtle mob
Kurzick capture points
Luxon capture points
Amber mine

Refined Amber mine

Purple command point

Orange command point
Amber mine

Refined Amber mine

Purple command point

Orange command point
Kurzick base defences
Purple gate 1

Behind purple gate 1

Purple gate 2

Behind purple gate 2

Base courtyard
POrange gate 1

Behind orange gate 1

Orange gate 2

Behind orange gate 2

Green gate
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GW1: PvP Fort Aspenwood Guide
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