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 Build discussions thread

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PostSubject: Build discussions thread   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:30 am

Please use this thread to discuss or talk about build ideas there have been a lot of attempts to hijack other threads by having build discussions there in attempts to hide the real arguments of what was taking place there. So I decided to make a thread for specific build discussion purposes, and for that matter I will start us off with a very controversial build coined Dervish Hamstorm. Please note that any builds posted here will be up for discussion, and this thread is not limited one specific build.

This build is primarily built for places like Alliance Battles, and Jade Quarry or Fort Aspenwood. However, there was a time before dervishes were completely revamped, Dervish hamstorm use to be very powerful in Heros' ascent, and the current version has yet to be tested there. So I won't go making any claims until it's tested in Heros Ascent in either case.

This build utilizes combinations of skills such as Mark Of Rodgort, pre-casting bed of coals and then using meteor and wounding strike. However there are many more combinations than that, skill such as Fire Storm and Mark Of Rodgort has the power alone to clear NPC piles. If used properly simple combinations can kill players just as easily, combinations such as wounding strike, and Flame Djinn's Haste. For people with knowledge on how to do it, proper movement can assure you get critical hits almost every time. Note that auto attacking and proper movement is a common tactic used to position your self ahead of the enemy after each attack, this is used by many "top gvgers. To me, this is a very simple tactic yet it appears only the "best" know how to use it these days. A very sad state of affairs indeed.

The rest of the build is fairly simple, and it gives you tools to make what you want of it, skill two and three are for energy management, and spreading deep wound and bleeding. Note that with Mark Of Rodgort and a fire damage scythe, you inflict burning with each attack, this works the same with any fire skill.

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PostSubject: Twilight Assassins   Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:16 am

[Saint Germain;OwJUgx+63/MOMGmwPglAfzDHBAA][Equip;PkpxFnGGzSqIl0IH1MlkIDLjo0IpVHl0IDrLl0I9EA]

This is concerning the Deadly Arts spike chain that Terran made in a matter of seconds when I asked him for ideas for a Deadly arts sin build.

Templates found here: Profession - Assassin RA

Now, while the spike is exceptionally strong (first time i used it i spiked out a dervish with 1 chain and have spiked out all classes with relative ease), the energy management is a bit of a problem. This, I believe, is due to the lack of attribute points in Critical Strikes. I have experimented with it trying to make it more manageable by increasing Critical Strikes and dropping some out of Deadly Arts and maybe some out of Dagger mastery but to no avail I don't know how to make it manageable. Which brings me to question why it's in the RA Featured Assassin Builds. One spike drains your energy considerably (depending on which elite you use). Even when being cautious as to how and when you use your chain it's still costly.

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PostSubject: Re: Build discussions thread   Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:57 pm

The energy gain from Saint Germain is more than enough if you're brave enough to draw aggro before your teammates. The others still work but you just can't spam them. You have to be very careful not to waste energy, fight in short bursts. I wish the Energy was better too, but it still works well and careful skill use can still make it work over time. If you stuff up a combo, it can hurt badly. But with great risk often comes great reward. There were matches where I used Blade and didn't even use . But other times it proved vital at a critical time. Katrina on the other hand helps a great deal against physical teams. While they're almost the same, the strategy can be very different. One thing they share though is the need to be brave and put yourself on the line. If you do find a way of getting the Energy to work better, let me know. I remember when we tried, every option seemed to make it worse!

Btw Stihl, remember to use the code to activate gwbbcode when you use it, else it just comes up as [skillname]. It's nice to hear from you again too!
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PostSubject: Hero and Player Builds   Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:41 pm

One time Wrath was PvE'ing with a random and myself and I noticed him using the Quantum Singularity build on his sin and the Ele variant on his Vekk. Ever since then, I've incorporated that build into my PvE sin regiment. Only difference is that I'd swap out skills like  and  for things like  and . I'd also raise the critical strike attribute some for more e-management. It works well, it makes NM into easy mode and HM into NM in terms of damage output. This brings me to suggest it being included in the "Player" build section for assassins and elementalists.

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PostSubject: Re: Build discussions thread   

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Build discussions thread
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