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 Guild Wars jokes

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PostSubject: Guild Wars jokes   Guild Wars jokes EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 11:24 am

Luxon meets a Kurzick
Question: What did the Luxon Warrior say to the Kurzick Elementalist?
Answer: Can I play with your juggs?

Big pile of poop
A Dwarf walks into a bar, slips on a big pile of poop.
Minutes later, a Norn walks into the bar, slips on the same pile of poop.
The Dwarf says, 'Hey, I just did that!'.
The Norn punches his lights out.

A Norn, an Asuran and a Sylvari walk into a bar
A Norn, an Asuran and a Sylvari walk into a bar.
The barman says to the Norn, 'Whadda ye want?'
The Norn says, 'A whole keg of yer strongest plonk!'
He serves the Norn, then says to the Asuran, 'so whadda ye want?'
The Asuran says, 'Ill have a glass of water. I'm taking care of my brain, unlike my dumbass companion here!'
The barman, annoyed, says to the Sylvari, 'I suppose you'll be wantin a glass o water too eh?'
The Sylvari says, 'No sir, I'll just have a glass of ice'.
The barman, confused, gives him a glass of ice, and asks him again if he wants anything in it.
The Sylvari says he's sure, while the Norn and Asuran snicker.
The Sylvari takes the glass, squats in the corner, and fills the glass up with his own water.

Gunther taunts
Yo Gunther so fat, he thought migraine meant lunch.
Yo Gunther so fat, when he gets knocked down, he aint gettin back up.
Yo Gunther so fat, he thinks a Juggernaut has no calories.
Yo Gunther so fat, when Poletski shouted 'Turtle!!!', he said, "OK', and ate Radik.
Yo Gunther so fat, not even /stuck will make him move.
Yo Gunther so fat, he tripped over, squished both gatekeepers, and got stuck in the door.
Yo Gunther so fat, someone said Hamstring and he thought it was Christmas.
Yo Gunther so fat, when he gets served, he pulls out a napkin.
Yo Gunther so fat, when offered a can of whoopass, he pulls out a fork.
Yo Gunther so fat, when he jumped, the World of Warcraft moved.
Yo Gunther so fat, he's got more polygons than Avatar.
Yo Gunther so smelly, ED209 said 'drop your weapons' and he let off a putrid explosion.
Yo Gunther so ugly, he's banned from Mirror Of Lyss.
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Guild Wars jokes
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