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PostSubject: Attributes   Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:46 pm





Power is an offensive character attribute. Each attribute point put into this attribute increases the attack statistic by one, which increases damage for all melee, ranged and magical attacks.
Precision is an offensive character attribute. Attribute points put into precision increase the chance of a critical hit for the character. Many of the conditional effects of a skill or trait trigger on a critical hit.
Toughness is a defensive character attribute. Each attribute point put into toughness increases the defense of the character by one, which improves the character's ability to withstand direct physical and magical damage. It is particularly effective at eliminating damage from numerous small hits.
Vitality is a defensive attribute. Each attribute point put into vitality increases the maximum health of the character by ten hitpoints. More health allows a character to better withstand a single large attack and degenerative damage.
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