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 The tools of shame

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PostSubject: The tools of shame   Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:22 am

The reason why these skills suck? They require no effort or tactics whatsoever to use, almost exclusively used for the sole reason of being an annoyance to other people. These are the tools of shame, the weapons of choice for those who think it's perfectly acceptable to drag down the world around them for their own entertaniment. It's not by accident that these skills are the way they are. Arenanet don't just cater to griefing, they encourage it and think it's a valid form of PvP. News flash spaceballs - It isn't. Is it any wonder the PvP community is such a degenerate mess?

 - An interrupt spammers best friend. Commonly used by griefers who get a kick out of gettnig in peoples way and annoying them. Rangers who use this have no damage, and can't really do anything but slow the game down. Rangers who use this have multiple stances, and a tendency to do a runner at the end of a match, to drag it out as long as they can.

 - The only use this has in PvP is for griefing. It's only used by idiots who torment their opponents and run away and wait for your team to give up and quit. A Ranger with this often results in giving his teammates a Dishnoor Hex for having no choice but to leave.

 - While this skill does have a legitimate use, it's mainly used by idiots who are only there to stalk other players and stand over them (usually /rank'ing them) while they're shut down. If you have one of these in your team, chances are he isn't going to do anything at all but try to annoy someone, unless he gets a lucky one in.

 - An act of desperation for the weak.  it,  it, use it with ventrilo spike. Any retard can do this and completely remove someone from the game with no talent whatsover.

 - Known for the notorious blind bot builds, where an idiot Elementalist uses   and  to spam  and . Spam on recharge to your hearts content, and shut down half of the professions without even trying. You might win a match... eventually. Until then, you're just dragging it out and wasting everyones time.

 - Typically used on melee builds to keep a target knocked down and unable to respond. Always used by fools who think pressing 1234 in a sequence over and over, classifies as PvP. You would think that shit this simple would mean the fools who use it would be able to press T and follow called targets, but no. All they do is find a Monk and chase it all day with knockdown spam into one side wins, which is usually the other team since those who use it also have a tendency to suicide with .

 - The longest knockdown in the game. This is typically used on epeen kiddies who like to use builds that can solo a Monk and nothing else. No tactics or talent required. Just keep auto attacking until it's charged, then press 12345678 over and over. 1234 knock your target to the floor, 5678 dnd and trash talk hate.

 - This is like playing uno on groundhog day... Skip a turn, skip a turn, skip a turn, skip a turn. Commonly used with . I can bot this shit with a simple keyboard macro and do better. This is a touch ranger for Warriors and Assassins who got bored of losing with wank tank builds.

 - By the simple press of a button, you can shut down half of the professions. Unfortunately, one of those professions is that Monk who is trying to heal you. This has no valid use in PvP outside of griefing enemy casters and your own Monks.

More to come:)
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PostSubject: Re: The tools of shame   Sat Jul 21, 2012 2:45 am

[escape] is decent in some areas of pvp. I went 15 wins in Random Arenas using your modified Default Ranger build. Mostly because my team wasn't stupid and our monk took advantage of my barbed traps by kiting into them when being chased.
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The tools of shame
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