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 Which screenshot shows the better player?

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Which screenshot shows the better player?
Fat Disgrace
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PostSubject: Which screenshot shows the better player?   Sat May 05, 2012 1:06 am

Fat Disgrace, in his desperation to humiliate me and show that he's 'better than me', dumps a screenshot of what he claims is him soloing me in AB. He treasured this screenshot for almost a year or longer before showing me. He doesn't understand that he's only humiliating himself and just doesn't get it, so I'm posting a poll here to compare his screenshot against a sample of mine, using the AB Dervish build he claims to have beaten. Fat? If it makes you feel better, you can get your troll buddies to vote for you! Enjoy!

Fat Disgrace: Screenshot shows him as a W/Mes running around with a completely broken build, griefing players. Note that his team is losing, and he claims that he soloed me with his build. All I see is an unnamed solo capping Dervish doing all the work, being picked off with conjure phantasm while running between caps with low health. The screenshot looks to me as nothing more than a desperate attempt to make it look like 'I killed Terran!'.

Terran: Screenshot shows an example of the weakest version of my favourite AB Dervish build, after it was nerfed. Note the score, chat feedback and team setup. Who do you think did all the capping?

(Update: I heard through the grapevine that he posted his screenshot on facebook to show that he beat me)

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Which screenshot shows the better player?
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