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 The truth about "Pro Gamers"

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The truth about "Pro Gamers" Empty
PostSubject: The truth about "Pro Gamers"   The truth about "Pro Gamers" EmptyThu Mar 07, 2013 2:05 am

Found this quote on wired.com, thought it would be worth sharing. Seems to be a good summary of what [ONE] talks about in it's chat sessions on the 'Community of Guild Wars', except that this one is a General summary.

Quote :
I play games at a 'hardcore' level, as much as saying that makes me want to puke. Found this a long while ago. I know it's gonna piss a lot of people off, but it's been my experience with nearly every game I've played that's been picked up by 'pros':

"Pro Gamers" are parasites.

Here's how it works: A company makes a game. This game is good, and it attracts a lot of players. Sadly, the game lacks balance in some areas. But for the most part, it works alright. Everybody is having fun.

Good times.

Then they arrive.

They go through the game, and they break it. Any glitch, any imbalance, they find it. They amplify it. They exploit it like a god damned blowjob machine. As they do this, they proceed to alienate all the other players. Every player is now faced with a choice: Adapt to match the exploiters, or leave. If you do not adapt to their ways, if you do not chose to play their game, you will lose. You will be forced to lose. You will have no say in the matter.

Then, they work on manipulating the developers. Patches are implemented to serve their needs. These changes further alienate the players who don't care for the bullshit. Eventually, all that's left is a dead husk with nothing but a handful of players who have served to alienate all others, like the exoskeleton of a dead beetle filled with ants that have slowly gnawed away at its insides.

And of course, with no incoming newbies, and with the player pool perpetually decreasing, these parasites get bored and move on to a different game.

Your game.

Well Said.
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The truth about "Pro Gamers"
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