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 GW1: PvP Codex Arena Guide

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GW1: PvP Codex Arena Guide Empty
PostSubject: GW1: PvP Codex Arena Guide   GW1: PvP Codex Arena Guide EmptyWed Feb 16, 2011 9:29 am

Unless/until they change Codex Arena, there's no point making builds for it, as the skill options change randomly every day. Well, they say it's random but I think that's an escaped  from the rings of Sol 7.

Codex Arena could have been something awesome, but they totally screwed it up. It should have been a place where players are forced to use a rotating variety of premade builds that teach them a wide range of strategies, tactics and mechanics. What we got was a monument to the chronic incompetence of the decision makers.

I'm leaving this section open as a temporary storage for Codex Arena builds.
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GW1: PvP Codex Arena Guide
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