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 GW1: PvP Random Arena Guide

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PostSubject: GW1: PvP Random Arena Guide   GW1: PvP Random Arena Guide EmptyWed Feb 16, 2011 9:30 am

Random Arena is the entry level PvP in Guild Wars. But that doesn't mean it's OK to screw around. Other players have invested time to play a match, and some are trying to reach 25 wins for their title. Don't waste their time, don't screw them over and be an ass. Set up properly before you go in, and understand that your team is relying on you. Know the basics, and do your best. Anything less is unacceptable.
1. Unless you're a Monk, always bring . This is the basics of the basics here. If your build isn't good with a , it isn't going to be good without it.
2. Resurrect your teammates as soon as they die. If you need 2 seconds to finish off an important foe, then fine. But generally, the speed at which you resurrect your team mates is the decisive factor in who wins or loses. Most of the time, players don't resurrect their team mates because they're an egotistical pig who's only there to get ego kills for their epeen. Don't be an ass, pay attention and be a team player.
3. Use the party targetting commands, it's very important. Call targets with CTRL+Space or CTRL+Skill. Press T to follow called targets. Press C to target your closest foe. Press TAB to rotate through foes. Press V to target your nearest party member. Press F to target yourself. Failure to use these targeting commands will make you considerably slower and weaker. Failure to assist your teammates for kills will result in a majority of losses. Don't be an idiot and solo your own targets. This is a team game, only team players belong here.
4. If your build sucks, just change it. Guild Wars is build wars. Half of the game is making builds. Don't insist on using an easy crap build. If you want to win, you're going to have to put your ass into gear and step up to the challenge.
5. Superior Runes for superior builds. There are a lot of misguided myths of bringing 600+ Health and Minor Runes, based on and twisted from its use in voice chat spiking years ago. Minor runed builds are popular amongst bad players, because it slows the game down to their level and gives them a chance to do something. Better players will use Superior Runes and speed the game up. The trade off between damage and Health is worth it, it's there for a reason. If it wasn't worth it, the Penalty would have been changed a long time ago. You only need enough Health to survive a standard spike, which is about 500 Health. Position yourself correctly, watch your hexes, and don't stand in AOE, and Superior Runes won't be a problem.
6. Grow a thick skin, especially if you're a Monk. People are going to be critical of you often. Sometimes their points are valid, most of the time they are just fools trying desperately to feel important. Take advantage of this, and use the genuine criticism to become a better player. Sometimes veterans will give advice that will make you a better player. Don't be prideful and stubborn, prideful players cannot improve or learn from their mistakes.
7. It doesn't take a genius to be a top player, nor does it take much experience. You have to want to be better and be on the ball. Think outside the box and question everything. Don't be a lemming, don't be a fool.
8. If you're too lazy to try, and you expect your teams to carry you, then just don't play. I have a saying, 'Apathetic person is a pathetic person'.
9. Don't quit matches, even if the chances of success are low. Doing so puts a flag on your account and will likely Hex you with Dishonor. The Dishonor system was added because of how badly quitting and leeching hurts the game. Repeat offenders that get reported are likely to get a permanent ban, so don't do it!
10. If you're not raising the bar, you're dragging it down. The Guild Wars community sucks, the power to fix it is in your hands.
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GW1: PvP Random Arena Guide
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