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 Desperate House-trolls

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PostSubject: Desperate House-trolls   Thu May 17, 2012 11:13 am

Recently, a bunch of PvX'ers false reported me and got me banned for 72 hours. I appealed the ban quickly and had it removed. Basically, it was an automated ban from so many false reports. An idiot from PvX took offence that I was asking other players to share their builds with me, and decided to get his friends to come and report me, putting down buildwars and promoting PvX with a lot of false claims. The ringleader actually pm'd me and threatened to ban me. I dared him to. He and his buddies then reported and mocked me.

This is but a small sample of the crap I put up with by these subversive and manipulative griefer-troll-asswipes, only some of which I've shown here in my forum. I wanted to share some of these examples, just to show what I put up with on a regular basis. It's my hope to show these to inspire others to stand up to these asswipes and see them for what they really are: pathetic little people who cast a big shadow.

You can't even specify the thread. The thread in question is the guru/pvx thread, to which I have gone above and beyond to prove without a doubt that my claims are true. I have presented countless screenshots, external sources and even admissions by the contributors of those websites. You present no details, just a vague empty claim in an attempt to get the embarrassing contents of that thread removed. Present something of actual substance, and I'll be glad to respond. I don't even consider you a competitor, you're not good enough for that. I shared my content with you freely, in hopes of you providing something competitive that actually contributes to the game community, instead of dragging it down.

Hang on a second. That thread is Darth's thread. The whole purpose of that thread was to put ME down and beat me once and for all. Instead of censoring him, I answered his arguments with many numbers, graphs and logical explanations to prove him wrong. Sounds like someone is just butthurt for being put in their place eh? If you want to stop getting your ass handed to you, stop giving it to me! I don't want your ass, ok? Again, if you want to contribute something of actual substance instead of empty claims, I'm listening!

Going out on a limb? I wasn't the only one offended at that shameful act. The links on that guru thread were removed due to so many complaints. I even provided a direct audio quote of a self admitted griefer within the key Arenanet staff, who's proud his disgusting behavior.

Quote: I got into gaming pretty young. I, you know, started off on Nintendo and played on that and then I got into UO as the first MMO I got into. And I was.... I'm a huge griefer. I like killing people, I like ruining everyone's day. I was a big big horrible horrible evil person. And if you know me in real life, it's really counter to... I'm a very nice person in real life and a horrible person online. Um, and then, I played lots of MMO's after that.

The quote and tone speaks for itself. And here you are, trying to shut ME up? Shame on you! I ask, what have you done that's positive? I've written more guides and helpful tips that anyone. I've spent countless hours helping players inside and outside of the game, regarding the game itself and many other facets of life. As I often say, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And you, are part of the problem.

Those who have read it have found it very humorous and true. Those skills are widely used in PvP for griefing, wellknown for being so, and I gave the precise reasons how. It sounds like you're offended because you use those skills to grief with! Again, like always... I await substance to your empty claims, something to actually respond to.

Defamatory content against me sure, and I take it openly and deal with it with facts. I value free speech here, even when it's bullshit. I also warn you that if you do bullshit, expect to be humiliated. As for copyright, why can't you specify where? I made all the graphics myself, with the small exception of a few images I used from the official fansite kit. This isn't youtube, you can't censor someone by making false copyright claims. If you wan't to use my own graphics, go ahead. Just don't make money off it and it's all good.

I did respond, though it remains in open status. The truth to this is made painfully obvious in the very thread you complain about. Your own screenshot does nothing in your favor, and only shows your abuse at my patient attempts to share much needed knowledge. You can see the arrogant remark by Ariena Najea, who is a Guild Wars power trader who likely makes real money from ingame trades. Of all the images that gets mysteriously removed, it's that one, obviously false reported to save face - http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/267/gwguruthreat2.jpg . But hey, thanks for accidentally supplying an internal backup of the abuse.

When you can't beat em, recruit em. When you can't recruit em, throw a toddler tantrum and start false reporting em, or worse...

Further in that 'conversation', along with unrelated random comments at the end in all chat that show the typical kind of behavior in the Guild Wars PvP community...

And many many more examples every day. Despite all this, I don't hate them. I pity them. How can you hate someone so low that the only way they can get by in life is to leech off the pleasure and pain of others, casting shadows everywhere they go, living a lie. Don't fear them, they are little people who cast a big shadow. Don't be intimidated by their threats and role reversals. Stand up to them, show them who's boss, put them in their place. I look upon Arenanet with eyes of judgement over this. Covering your face and turning away will not hide your shame. Stepping up and taking responsibility can wash it all away. Say no to this behavior and set a first hand example. Ignoring the damage you've caused to peoples lives and profiteering off the next model, is no different than stealing a watch and selling it back to the person you stole it from. YOU have made the Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2 community. YOU are responsible for the wellfare of the players and the paradigm of behavior.
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Desperate House-trolls
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